Metabolic Examinations

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    Humans were never designed to be thin. Our ancient ancestors were hunters constantly seeking food in order to survive.

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    The hunger control center of our brain told us to eat as much food as we could find because food was in short supply.

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    Humans have evolved in many ways since then - but our brain's hunger control center still works much the same as ever.

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    Fast forward 195,000 years: Famines are rare and we no longer hunt for our food - but our genetics are slow to adjust.

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    Our brains are still programmed to look for food all day and store up fat for lean times. THIS is why we gain weight!

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    Overcome those genetically programmed cravings and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off. How? Just come and see Dr. B!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have a complete and thorough physical and metabolic examination to check the current state of your health? Most likely many doctors you have visited in the past spent little time with you in person evaluating your overall health and medical problems. At Dr. B's office we are different! Each patient is meticulously and individually evaluated to collect the following 21 components of information before Aventura medical weight loss physician Dr. B designs their medical, diet and exercise, appetite control medication and metabolism enhancement programs.

Weight Loss Metabolic Examinations

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The 21 components of the initial examination include:

  1. Complete dieting and nutritional history
  2. A complete past and current medical and surgical history
  3. Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  4. Urinanalysis
  5. Blood cholesterol and subcomponents level
  6. Blood triglycerides level
  7. Blood sugar level
  8. Blood sodium, potassium, calcium and protein levels
  9. Blood kidney function analysis
  10. Blood liver function analysis
  11. White and red blood cell analysis
  12. Blood hemoglobin level
  13. Blood coagulation level
  14. White blood cell differential evaluation
  15. Blood thyroid levels advanced evaluation
  16. Blood pressure (Done Accurately!)
  17. Pulse, respiration rate and oral temperature
  18. Body mass index measurement test (BMI) to determine the risk level of your overweight condition
  19. Body fat percentage by electrical impedance measurement (Body Fat Level)
  20. Multisite body circumferential measurements
  21. And of course a complete and thorough head to toe physical examination to evaluate over 150 points and findings!

With Dr. B's unique weight loss regimen you lose weight safely and SOON!

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