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    Humans were never designed to be thin. Our ancient ancestors were hunters constantly seeking food in order to survive.

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    The hunger control center of our brain told us to eat as much food as we could find because food was in short supply.

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    Humans have evolved in many ways since then - but our brain's hunger control center still works much the same as ever.

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    Fast forward 195,000 years: Famines are rare and we no longer hunt for our food - but our genetics are slow to adjust.

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    Our brains are still programmed to look for food all day and store up fat for lean times. THIS is why we gain weight!

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    Overcome those genetically programmed cravings and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off. How? Just come and see Dr. B!

It's not your fault you've gained weight!

Today, a majority of Americans are overweight. Many of these people are dangerously obese. An overabundance of body fat has been linked to many of the medical problems we experience in our life. But it was not always like this:

The genetics that control our body fat stores, metabolism and eating habits we inherit from the days of Primitive Man. Back then it was necessary to eat as much food as we could and as fast as we could. Never feeling full was a benefit! This was because we were hunters and gatherers of our food. We hunted and killed animals, gathered mostly plants and some fruits, seeds and nuts, then brought them back to the camp or cave to share with the rest of our clan.

The biggest and strongest of the clan usually ate a larger share of the food. Those individuals put on the most body fat. This would help them survive the next hunting trip, perhaps lasting for days. Ancient clans also experienced periods when little or no food was available. These "famines" required humans to use their stored body fat as fuel to stay alive.

Women who stored the most body fat were more successful at bearing children since it took a lot of energy during pregnancy to produce a healthy baby. Thin women were likely less successful at reproduction and their "skinny genes" would not have passed on as often to the next generation.

We burned a lot of physical energy for the 12 to 20 hours we were awake. This long and physically tiring day was necessary to hunt and gather proteins and fat from animals, fiber and some carbohydrates from plants, and fruits and nuts to add to our body fuel (fat) stores. We didn't eat many carbohydrates because they just weren't abundant in that environment.

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Now let's transport our human genetics of survival - which has not really changed much in tha last 195,000 years - forward into the future and arrive in modern human society. We no longer hunt for much of our food unless you call going to the supermarket "hunting"! In fact, there is so much food in restaurants and supermarkets that it is hard to avoid overeating. In addition, the food we see and eat is usually high in fat, high in carbohydrates and highly refined - which takes out the healthy fiber and makes the food even more fattening.

Today we drive in cars rather than walk most places. We sit in chairs all day looking at computer screens or stand around talking on our smartphones. We burn little body fat to produce energy. When we do feel guilty about how little fat we burn (the dreaded trip to the bathroom scale) we decide to spend a few hours each week exercising to try to make up for the fact that our lives are mostly sedentary and we don't burn a lot of calories anymore. The exercise usually does not cause much weight loss but it does make us hungrier and then we tend to eat more.

All is not lost, though. Just because you haven't succeeded at losing weight and keeping it off, you're probably not lacking willpower or determination. What you need is Dr. Besen's highly effective medical weight loss program. Over the last 20 years, "Dr. B" has helped more than 4,500 people lose weight, feel better and most importantly control their ancient genetic predisposition to overeat and store as much body fat as possible. Make your appointment now and he can help you too!

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