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    Humans were never designed to be thin. Our ancient ancestors were hunters constantly seeking food in order to survive.

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    The hunger control center of our brain told us to eat as much food as we could find because food was in short supply.

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    Humans have evolved in many ways since then - but our brain's hunger control center still works much the same as ever.

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    Fast forward 195,000 years: Famines are rare and we no longer hunt for our food - but our genetics are slow to adjust.

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    Our brains are still programmed to look for food all day and store up fat for lean times. THIS is why we gain weight!

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    Overcome those genetically programmed cravings and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off. How? Just come and see Dr. B!

Most people who try to lose weight go on a "diet". This normally means that they reduce their food intake or change the types of foods they eat. People believe that by doing so they can lose all the weight they want and keep it off. And judging by the hundreds of diets to choose from in books, magazines and on the Web - along with the multitude of diet products promising miraculous results - it should be simple to lose weight, right?


The vast majority of diets are unsuccessful and not designed to take into account that we humans are genetically driven to eat large quantities of certain types of foods in order to increase our body fat stores. These poorly designed diets also fail to consider how non-genetic influences such as personal and monetary stress, family and marital issues, health problems and medications, pregnancy, menstrual cycle influences, menopause, and psychological conditions such as depression and bulimia affect our eating choices. We seem to be under a constant bombardment of food advertisements and often have well-meaning relatives trying to overfeed us. All these factors make lasting weight loss much more difficult. However, there is a solution!

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Dr. Besen is a dedicated and professional weight loss doctor. Over the past two decades he has helped more than 4,500 people lose weight and keep it off. He has the knowledge, experience and dedication to design an individualized medically-effective dietary and nutritional eating program for each of his patients. He knows how to properly combine and sequence normal foods to reduce body fat stores and cause successful weight loss. Many other diets fail to achieve this important goal. Also, unlike many other weight loss programs that do not address the additional non-genetic influences that cause people to over eat and gain weight, Dr. B has experience in helping his patients address these issues both medically and psychologically.

Many people pick an ineffective exercise program when their specific goal is to lose weight. Dr. B knows which exercises accelerate weight loss and which do not. He will guide you in selecting the proper exercise program to help you achieve your weight loss target.

One of the best things about coming to the Dr. B Clinic is that with each visit he examines you, analyzes your progress and adjusts your weight loss program accordingly.

With Dr. B's unique weight loss regimen you lose weight safely and SOON!

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